ROCKit Monthly Wrap Up (December 2016)

Student: “I don’t really like science.” Me: “Do you like doing this?” (Referring to the giant Archimedes screw she was using — see below) Student: “….yes.” Me: “That’s science!” This is just one of the things we’ve heard said by students at the three ROCKit projects that took place in December. Several more are featured […]

Youth Development Specialists

Youth Development Specialists The ROCK Center for Youth Development is accepting resumes & interviewing now for Youth Development Specialist position(s).The ROCK is looking for energetic, fun and friendly individuals to build (positive) relationships with middle and high school teens (in our after-school program). Responsibilities include leading and participating in ROCK programs, events and activities, supervising […]

Jobs 101 at The ROCK

Learn skills to help you find, get, and keep a job @ JOBS 101

The ROCK is inviting all Midland County High School students to the FREE Jobs 101 program this fall. This 8-week commitment will explore important job-related life skills including identifying career paths, goal setting, utilizing strengths, and being a critical thinker. In addition, participants will practice writing their own resume & cover letter, and apply their newly […]

Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Fest

Scavenger Hunt at the Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Festival

On Saturday, September 24th, join members of the ROCK staff on a scavenger hunt at the FREE Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Festival, as we explore exciting new STEM opportunities for the (after-school) Grounded program. Experience over 100 hands-on activities, like turning bananas into piano keys! The event is open to the public from 10am-4pm, […]

Donate to The ROCK Afterschool STEM Program

Donation Requests for The ROCK Afterschool STEM Program

In the coming weeks, The ROCK will be introducing an ongoing program at all Grounded afterschool locations, to help spark kids interest in science, technology, engineering, and math — the subjects collectively known as STEM. You can help get the program off its feet by donating common household items and materials! The following web page […]