Everyone has to start their career somewhere. CEO, manager, senior app developer, chief graphic designer…it all begins now, with small steps, and persistence.

Businesses, both large and small, are all looking for talented individuals with demonstrated experience and skills.


LevelUP will equip you with the skills you’ll need to find, get, and keep a job by maintaining a resume, exploring career paths, participating in interviews, interacting with guest speakers, and more.


During the game you’ll earn a virtual paycheck that you will use to pay bills, taxes, and unexpected expenses, easily accessible from the LevelUP app.


Participate in a recurring game that will grow your teamwork, networking, communication, workplace, and interpersonal skills while participating in mock businesses.

End up with the most virtual money at the end of the game and you’ll receive a bonus gift card.

Learn Workplace Skills
Learn how to Network
Explore Career Paths

Prepare for Interviews
Find & Apply for Jobs
Manage Your Resume

Practice Communication Etiquette
Earn a Gift Card(s)
Manage a Bank Account

Earn a Digital Badge
Learn to Manage Goals
Interact with Guest Speakers

All participants are guaranteed an interview at a local Midland business (*must participate in 6 of the 8 sessions), a gift card, a digital badge, and long-term employability support by The ROCK.

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